Student Voices

“IFLI gave me the resources and support to speak confidently in a language I had never previously studied. IFLI not only made my language goals a reality, the program did it much faster than I ever expected.”

-IFLI 2020 Student

Performer of Indonesian traditionakl dance wearing an ornate mask

Comments from IFLI Alumni

“I loved my IFLI class and cohort. My Language Partner allowed me to learn how to converse with individuals my age about relevant topics.”

“Though no one expected these circumstances, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my last 8 weeks of virtual-IFLI. I really enjoyed forming new friendships and observing my rapid language improvement thanks to help from our patient, kind instructors and my awesome language partner. ”

“Bagus sekali.”

“[I] don’t know where else I’d have learned so much so quickly.”

“IFLI: Jauh di mata, dekat di hati.”

“IFLI is a great opportunity for truly delving into the languages and cultures of Indonesia.”

“This program was one of the best things I’ve done. I feel that my instructors and language partners pushed me out of my comfort zone to truly learn the basics of the language and improve my skills. I feel that the immersive experience next year will be even better, especially since the remote version was still very enjoyable. I am very excited to continue my Indonesian studies, as I really love how beautiful this language is, along with the culture. I met some great people who are just as interested and passionate, which has really encouraged me to keep studying. I feel that this program has helped me realize that my efforts in language learning are worth it, due to the progress I’ve made.”

“[IFLI] is a whirlwind but you will really grow in your language abilities.”

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