What to Expect

UW-Madison summer dates: June 17, 2024 – August 09, 2024

SEAFLI Partners

All of our SEAFLI partners work closely together. Click the tabs below to understand more about the roles of each partner and who you should contact with questions.

Boren Logo

The Boren Awards are the main facilitators of the SEAFLI program. You are a Boren Scholar or Fellow the entire duration of the required intensive summer program, required immersive fall program, as well as the optional spring program, if you decide to continue abroad with an internship or research.

Boren is who you should contact for questions regarding:

  • the application process
  • all funding information & disbursements
  • language pre-tests
  • Boren Convocation
  • optional spring programming

Email Boren SEAFLI–> BorenIFLI@iie.org

Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institutes Graphic Logo

The University of Wisconsin-Madison runs the domestic summer program. Students will study their target language in an intensive program for 8 weeks while staying on the beautiful UW Madison campus. At the end of the summer session, students will have earned 8 credits on their transcript.

SEAFLI students learn Bahasa Indonesia/Thai/Vietnamese through the Southeast Asian Summer Studies Institute at UW Madison. In addition to formal class time, SEAFLI students are required to participate in co-curricular events focusing on language and culture. You can read more about those requirements here.

For the abroad portion of the SEAFLI program, SEAFLI students enroll in UW-Madison’s study abroad department and are considered UW-Madison special students while abroad in the fall. Summer and fall grades will be on one UW-Madison transcript at the end of the SEAFLI program.

Contact UW-Madison for questions regarding:

  • Any and all summer programming
  • UW enrollment & courses
  • IAP study abroad enrollment
  • Summer housing
  • Transcripts & credit transfers

Email UW-Madison SEAFLI–> seafli@lpo.wisc.edu

American Councils Logo

American Councils for International Education coordinates all of the fall abroad programming. They handle all visas for the fall semester, international flights, and work closely with the international institution to make sure the language classes and cultural immersion activities are running smoothly, as well as monitor student well-being.

The immersive environment supports students as they take part in language classes, extra-curricular activities, cultural excursions, and live with host families for the entire duration of the fall program.

At the end of the 15-week fall abroad program, students receive 12 credits towards their transcript.

Contact American Councils for questions regarding:

  • Any and all fall abroad programming
  • Visas (for fall semester)
  • International flights
  • Overseas health insurance
  • Homestays
  • Pre- & post-overseas language testing

Email American Councils SEAFLI–>




Day in the Life - Domestic Study @ UW

During the summer at UW-Madison, SEAFLI students participate in the Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI) and make up a percentage of the SEASSI student cohort. In short, this means that SEAFLI students will study with non-SEAFLI students in their classes during the summer. 

SEAFLI students do have more required activities than a typical SEASSI student. Those extra activities include:

  • Language Partner Sessions (2 times/week for 1-hour each)
    • These are CONVERSATION partners (not tutors), meant to help students with their everyday speech. These conversations will prepare the students for interactions they may encounter during their fall semester abroad.
  • Language Portfolios (on-going assignment uploads to a Google Drive folder)
  • RFLI Culture Initiative (CI) App, Moodle Course, and Roundtable Discussions
    • The RFLI-Culture Initiative is designed to improve student understanding of their host culture through materials that supplement their language curriculum during the domestic and overseas programs (currently available for Bahasa Indonesia only)
  • Required attendance at co-curricular activities such as lecture series events, cultural events, and SEAFLI cohort meetings
  • Periodic meetings with the Regional-FLI Program Coordinator

Summer Activity Hours

The SEAFLI program is an intensive language program. Students should consider their position in this program to be the equivalent of a full time job. This consists of:

  • 20 hours of language study per week
  • 2 hours of language partner (LP) meetings per week
  • 2-3 hours of cultural activities per week
  • 10-20 hours of homework/assignments per week
  • TOTALLING: ~35 – 45 hours of SEAFLI required activities per week!
  • PLUS: Culture Initiative roundtable discussions (approx. 1 hour every other week), periodic workshops, orientations, and meetings
Expected hours of IFLI student activity per day
Students studying Indonesian Language using games